Crazy Amazing

It’s crazy amazing,
These moments in life,
I used to be lost,
Till I wriggled from strife,
Then destiny followed,
A rainbow sublime,
It’s crazy amazing,
This feeling in time.

It’s crazy amazing,
These thoughts that I share,
I used to detach,
Now I’m living with flare,
Embracing the now,
And enjoying the scene,
It’s crazy amazing,
This colourful dream.

It’s crazy amazing,
The me that I see,
A poet, a vegan,
And non-binary,
My new independence,
Has reason to shine,
It’s crazy amazing,
This soul feels divine.

It’s crazy amazing,
The ups and the downs,
Are part of my illness,
But I wear the crown,
Bejewelled with emotions,
All covered in light,
It’s crazy amazing,
These struggles I fight.

It’s crazy amazing,
This life that I lead,
Is built with real purpose,
And fabulous speed,
I’m finally riding,
A winged unicorn,
It’s crazy amazing,
My heart is reborn.

It’s crazy amazing,
To be a new me,
A person once lost,
Who is finally free,
To sing and to dance,
Without losing their way,
It’s crazy amazing,
To be here today.

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 Oct 2021

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