Bipolar Dance

Stuck in a bipolar dance,
I fly from the seat of my pants,
My efforts are funny,
My nose slightly runny,
I’m trapped in a perilous trance.

Stuck in a bipolar berth,
I spin off the face of the earth,
I slip and I slide,
In a hellish divide,
That separates sorrow from mirth.

Stuck in a bipolar streak,
This crazy is not for the meek,
Existing in panic,
Is simply tyrannic,
But bravery shelters the bleak.

Stuck in a bipolar rut,
The black dog is merely a mutt,
A bully with fur,
That’s more grizzle than grrr,
Unless he is chomping your butt.

Stuck in a bipolar rant,
My anger is often piquant,
And rage can be spicy,
The frustration dicey,
When spiralling into a chant.

Stuck in a bipolar dance,
My fantasies brim with romance,
With sanity fleeting,
My heart starts a beating,
Is madness a lover by chance?

© The Complicated Bunny – 05 Aug 2022

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