Tortured From The Inside Out

Tortured from the inside out,
I weep, no end in sight,
A battle waged within my heart,
That cripples me to fright,
I cannot feel but for the pain,
I cannot quench the tears,
That I am to forever mourn,
Begets my greatest fears.

My heart it suffocates within,
My essence, cut and old,
I cannot find my way back,
Now the darkness takes its hold,
My mind will not release the chains,
That cause me to condemn,
My spirit cries for salvation,
Before the bitter end.

Will someone pull me from the bleak,
Or must I now remain,
Forever trapped in torment,
Where my soul fights to regain,
An ounce of hope, an ounce of joy,
An ounce of worth inside,
How long before I feel
That I no longer have to hide.

Please help me find my way back,
To the light, I cry in vain,
No longer can I live,
Within a realm that feeds the pain,
Bring forth my soul’s destruction
Or make haste to lift me high,
So tortured from the inside out,
Heal me, or let me die.

© The Complicated Bunny – 15 Feb 2007

*This poem is one from the archives I just recently came across. It was written several months after I was first diagnosed with bipolar.

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