Get Up And Go

My get up and go,
Just got up and went,
The magic was tragic,
I’m utterly spent,
Thrown to the hounds,
With egregious lament,
A chalice of malice,
By bitter dissent.

My go with the flow,
Just ran down the sink,
The ooze became snooze,
When I hastened to think,
As day turns to night,
And my soul hits the brink,
I’m cursed by the worst,
And there’s nothing to drink.

My need for some speed,
Just cracked through a wall,
The thrill for a spill,
Didn’t lessen my fall,
My mind clearly empty,
With room for us all,
To rage a new page,
In this petulant squall.

My fend for myself,
Left me lonely and jarred,
The smile on my dial,
Duly broken and scarred,
By lies and deceit,
From a desolate shard,
That crashes in ashes,
When life becomes hard.

My down in the dumps,
Got me frightfully shook,
My lumps became bumps,
As I snapped a quick look,
Of life in the trenches,
With no magic book,
The rules beget fools,
And I’m left on the hook.

My mad as a hatter,
Is on its descent,
I’d grieve for reprieve,
But I’m utterly spent,
Reality twisting,
My mind ever bent,
I’d get up and go,
But I already went.

© The Complicated Bunny – 04 Jul 2021

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